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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 25, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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yothlake t right now on fox50, our live drive 5 crews are on the move to help you through your morning commute. and, brian shrader will show you which icy spots to avoid and the latest crashes. what about the northeast? they got hit hard with snow. we show you where things are getting back to normal or whether they are still digging out in a big way. plus, the democratic presidential candidates make a final pitch one week ahead of the iowa caucuses. thank you so much for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill sheilds. before we get to elizabeth, let's take another look at our school closings. we begin with wake county public schools. they are closed today. >> we have a number of school districts on this list. chapel hill carrboro city schools, chatham county, durham public schools are closed today. franklin county and granville county schools also close. in addition, halifax county,
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county are on to our delays today. lee county and mecklenburg county schools are closed. >> we also have lee county school close, northampton county, orange county and person county schools close. >> vance county, wake county as we mentioned and warren county schools are closed. >> find a list of closings and delays on and also find them closing at the bottom of your screen. it was a beautiful sunrise this morning. >> gorgeous! >> that sun is going to do some work today. >> it has some work to do. >> it was so pretty if you happen to be up early before the ice and trees, but around the triangle area, gosh, it was pretty. the ice, trees, sun and blue skies. the ice did not stick around on the trees too long and that's enchanted help to melt the roads. this is a look at the raleigh sky cam. you can see everything looks okay on western boulevard but don't be fooled. temperature still in the mid to upper 20s this morning. we have a lot of slick places especially heading north and
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we've got sky 5 up showing you what's going on which is pretty much a mess. it's 31 now in durham. 31 at the tv studios. 24 in wake force, 20 to 7, 29 in holly springs. temperatures are coming up a little bit. it's still 17 in south hill, 23 in roxborough, 29 in fayetteville. it is cold out there. as we head through the day, temperatures at lunchtime 39. about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning we climb above freezing. we have sunshine mix with some clouds but that sunshine should do as little bit of work today, today's high of 47 this afternoon. tonight we dip down to about freezing so we may not see quite a hard freeze that we are seeing this morning and we will see sunshine and warm temperatures tomorrow. brian is here of course taking a look at what's going on, why the range and conditions. >> we are fortunate to have sky 5 up this morning giving us a look at what's going on all over the triangle.
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of an accident at 85 and avondale drive. you can see that car. we have three left lanes blocked on 85 northbound. traffic is able to get by but it looks like an accident perhaps with injuries trying to get that cleared up right now. can't tell what caused an accident, but even on major routes including interstates, there are still some icy patches, especially along the side roads and ramps. coming off of a side street onto the interstate this morning, you could run into icy patches. there is sky 5 tilting up so we can see the traffic able to get by. d.o.t. crews are on the scene, imap crews getting that cleared up. on the ramp, you can see i still lingering. that is where we have the biggest problems with major routes, bridges and ramps. even though on interstates themselves, you still could run into a couple of icy spots here and there. just be extra careful.
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morning, they are a big mess. this is out in durham on ellis road, not too far from the durham freeway. the county sheriff's office just tweeted this picture showing the road largely ice covered. he will realize there are a lot of trees blocking that sunlight from doing melting yesterday. looking at some cameras around the triangle in a couple of areas where it's not so bad, eastern side of wake county, raleigh and knightdale. it looks good on on smith road, still could be icy in those parts. and areas of white oak road, looking good at that intersection, not running into any delays. i believe we are going to go to live drive 5 and tara lynn has been on the road all morning long in wake county. where are you right now? >> reporter: we are on lake wheeler road, actually just passing lake wheeler. let's give you look at what the road looks like here. you can see that it is clear and it is dry. so, this is what we have been seeing on the main roads around town, the neighborhood roads are the ones that have been the biggest issue. be careful as you are turning
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course getting out of your neighbors, there is still a lot of ice buildup, especially around those turn lanes and intersections. this is what we're seeing on this side of wake county. right now, lake wheeler road looking nice and dry. >> thank you, tara lynn. of course, lake wheeler road is a state maintained road and d.o.t. has been able to work from those interstates onto secondary roads over the past couple of days. other streets like city streets, it may be a while before they are cleared. we may have to rely on sunshine and warm temperatures to get this cleared up just because crews are overwhelmed. taking a look at our light commute map, we have accident, none of which are causing the problems. they are minor as far as we can tell and not affecting major routes. in fact if you're heading to work this morning does major routes are looking just fine. with school out, a lot of cars are off the roads, school buses off the road and traffic moving
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once you get to those major routes you will be in good shape, it's getting there that is the problem. >> thank you very much. we are dealing with thousands of power outages this morning three days after the storm. >> a total of 11,000 are without power in north carolina. 7000 in wake and johnston county. wral's mikaya thurmond shows us what a neighborhood in wake forest is going through. >> reporter: 11,000 north carolina residents without power including the ones that live here on neuse trails estates. take a look at this home. they have been in the dark since saturday morning. since then, 37 other customers in this neighborhood have been without power as well who are all finding creative ways to stay warm. >> plenty of layers and i did find this really cool things on facebook, my phone does work. where you take a piece of that, i guess it is windshield block and he put it in your shoes.
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up your toes immensely. i can walk in the snow with that. >> reporter: of those 11,000 customers without power, 4000 are in wake county with 3000 and johnston county. duke energy estimates affects will come by 11 pm tonight. mikaya thurmond, wral news, wake forest. wake county and martin luther king jr. -- durham county schools have announced their makeup schooldays, they will hold classes on february 15, presidents' day. some schools will also have passes on april 2. find more details on police are looking into what the plaque ice was to blame for a serious crash over the weekend. a car plowed into the old-time barbecue restaurant on hillsboro st., saturday night. the driver was not seriously hurt but the vehicle was totaled and the owner tells us the crash happened in the worst possible place in the building because it is there where the water comes in and where the power panels are located. the owner says it may take a month before the restaurant can reopen.
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caused a water main break on wade avenue. this police force in raleigh shut down the road between dixie trail saturday morning while crews made repairs. the road reopened in the afternoon. new overnight, we are working to confirm details of the reported armed robbery on duke university's west campus. according to the campus newspaper, "the chronicle," a student reported that two suspects with front approaching near the intersection of wanamaker drive and chapel drive around 1:00 in the morning. the chronicle reports the suspect robbed the student and took off in a red truck or suv. no one was hurt. 8:08 now. we continue to watch the roads throughout the triangle. >> we will check in with julia sims on the road in live drive 5 in durham and brian shrader will update us on the latest crashes next. and will take a look at how
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they are doing a great job covering all of those miles and miles of roads so that you can have a safe commute. >> give them a hug. they deserve it. make them some cookies! >> or something. right? >> they are putting in some long hours. >> they are not done, yet obviously as you can see. the sunshine will help things out a little bit today but you know, it's going to take some time. fortunately our temperatures tonight only drop down to about 32 so it won't be that hard for his we are seeing this morning. they have been working hard in roxboro. look around downtown and you can see the road is clear, even the sidewalk there in front of the courthouse looks great but look at how much snow is piled up. yes, that sunshine helped a little bit yesterday but you can see the mound between the road and the sidewalks, that is some serious precipitation. 3 to 4 inches, maybe more in
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county and north and west there. it was even more. temperatures 31. there we are at 8:18, getting closer to freezing. but the airport temperature is reading a little bit higher than some of the rest of the region. the windstar south at 5 miles per hour. that's was going to help things over the next 24 to 36 hours. that southerly wind will start to bring warmer air in. our dewpoint is 23. it is still 19 in south hill and over in roxboro, it's 25. 27 in chapel hill, 25 in roanoke rapids, rocky mount and -- 27 in smithfield, 22 in sanford, 29 in fayetteville, 27 in clinton. if you go down south who did not have as much coverage of sleet and snow, temperatures are called this morning. we have clouds streaming in from the west and we are going to see this band keeping things overcast for the next hour to hour and a half. then they should do now. we will see variably cloudy skies with sunshine. a little bit of cloud cover.
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system which doesn't arrive until wednesday. this high helping to be warm air from the south around that high. of course, we rotate clockwise. so, in that position we get back into that southerly flow that helps to warm things up. wednesday system arrives first thing wednesday morning. tuesday night if you want to call it that. temperatures will be warmer ahead of it. it will be a miserable day wednesday. a cold rain with temperatures in the 40s. but, temperatures in the 40s so it will be rain. here's a look at rain from time to time some overcast. we'll see some clearing also on and off. a little cloudy overnight by drying out in clearing up for tuesday. but then here comes that system late in the day tuesday, we caught up and we are going to start wednesday morning with some rain. it looks like it will just be rain. 47 today, 32 tomorrow morning.
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and then 56 tuesday afternoon. whatever is still left after today really gets a good shot at warm temperatures for tuesday. so you know, we are nowhere close to freezing wednesday morning. it looks like it's going to be a chilly rain. there is a good chance of rain but still only looking at maybe a quarter of an inch or so. that system helps to develop a little offshore. now, it just depends on whether this all comes together. computer models are not at all in agreement. is the low too far offshore? does it bring us precipitation? is a closer? does it spread moisture in? what about this high? is it strong enough to be cold air in? is it not? solutions are all over the place. for now, expect that there may be a chance of some rain thursday morning but in terms of it being any sort of wintry mix it's early to tell. the weekend looks fantastic. 57 saturday, 59 sunday and our morning lows are in the 30s. bill? >> elizabeth, thank you very much. i'm encouraged by that weekend forecast. millions along the east coast are heading back to work following the weekend storm. >> emergency travel plans have
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slick covered roses already proving tricky. >> reporter: while much of new york city came back to life after record snowfall totals, delays and cancellations are still expected for the nation's busiest transit system. hundreds of travelers packed into new york's penn station as the first trains departed sunday night. >> there's no point in being upset about it. there's nothing i can do. >> reporter: federal offices and schools in the nation's capital remain closed this morning as people in the area continue to dig out from under 2 feet of snowfall. crystal lucas got a hand uncovering her burried car from a good samaritan. >> even on a sunny day they probably would not say hello but in the time of need people need help. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland residents did their best to chip away at mounds of snow ahead of the start of the workweek. 70-year-old steve meincoff spent hours shoveling out his entire driveway, only to have passing plow trucks and do all of his work. >> i'm just so outraged by the
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thinking about it. >> reporter: the impact is being felt in many of the nation's busiest airports. carol alvez and her friend have been trying to get home back in time for her milestone birthday. >> this is not what i thought my 30th birthday would be like. but it's a story. >> reporter: airports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal but hundreds of flights have been canceled for today. >> more than two dozen deaths in 10 states are blamed on the storm. the heaviest snowfall, 42 inches, was reported in glengary, west virginia. the storm also caused major flooding in new jersey where hundreds of thousands of customers lost power. carolinas big-play defense stifled arizona's top-ranked
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rng. ryisfrozen d t thd 's hardel weren'adet deni iit hind teat. ha acumenonashad j iack thion. ople nebut ldreg.20 . lo mpos apex, 25 inoc mount and wilson. 27 in benson and roxboro, 31 in garn23 wake forest. a verycold to start this one. by 9:0or 10:00 morning, we should be above freezing. 39. we wilhave somcld ver on aofhighin clouds but overall more nshine th cl
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tt n,just g wonave hazernprec e fo l w sry rdsrsteingrarhbor et >>l's lotels ta tw ok wr'sly s be avelis our. e thingsok ts lo syre aee o e these ge conee thst bld at tint. t thre esseially in tirti fe te leftth ne, so
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me holi nsts e.sehesideer eama ophad r cars,tht hi part , th hatrees. th,e nyectiadouop d been able to me of that sunsterday d they were still verein ice. some of the highlytravels roads, chances arehose are going to bethere r you this morning t thmainissues a going to be smaller nehborhoodds. >>ara lynn ang with photographer jamie mundon
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that tree down and pas on tstreets. speaking taabwe rie lking hat down remo00 of waanonurmos inwhe orod is inbaon. >>r: h calientsitho uding thon liveneaikeme. apn in sasi, in toravweo arto ani did al dork i is
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thf those wiwe ke 3000 d johnston dumate the fix willome by 11:0p.m. tot. mikaya thuond, wral news, wa . relatives say n to assist in western north carolina leas behind a ung ofmonths old.e a odshcaa orsaivutri rohed lp. rvb le thoubo o imffn was ing rog taraoadsaleit' urham.>> n d imlkagain d
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we shoulsee temperures in e low to mid r overnight tonight, ear tomorroworning. an nice little torrow, getting intohe 50s. future cast want to take us on upnto the low 60s t maybe in couple of places. a loof us wi get into the 50ho what is usup thigprstinree t. avnsrotateclth puttm h, rm tngup r heex, plisesthere ll be aros sos isalinra r 47 cl ca gngunr rtloy byake inthe g.
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. mu daghqrternc a ysur ur iaostoreezg, ythicomet toeath ha ese re l t ncthlo hi lldo . waecwi one more time lkout the s. you saw some problems even the interstateth morning. >> we haan accident on i-85 ound avondale. a good reminder to iteaas you head out th morning. even on major routes, there could be icy pahes esally on t ramps and there's a look at 85 at ondale. news isthat cidents ,
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atsoouth u needow asy yoen rs ro winl morng arshe. at'sward in ig u ed on mi ln a . a hes el os igodtr eas, ey are still mpletely ice cover. weave beenowing you this picture from durham county. e durham sheriff tweeted is. this is ellis roadnot too far from the frway. also getting of reports, this is from roanoke pids on wral trfi send us yr picturif yo cawi #wralsn coha even aok
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t it is 8:55. good morning, i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. here are your top stories. crews working to restore power in the viewing area hope to have nearly everyone to service back on today. at this time yesterday there were more than 20,000 duke energy customers and wake and johnson county without power. 7000 were still without power this morning. >> the man accused of shooting another driver in catawba county has a court appearance today. authorities say marvin lee spun out on the ice friday and started firing shots at people responding to help him. jefferson headner was killed, lee is in jail charged with murder and on no bond. time to get a check of the forecast. a warming trend setting this afternoon, elizabeth. >> yes, finally after the deep
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with temperatures in the mid- 20s, we are seeing temperatures creep up. in durham, beautiful site, you can feel a bit of cloud cover up to the east, some sunshine on the ice and sweet and snow that is still remain. still some slippery places. brian will talk about that quibec today that sunshine will help the melting process. in raleigh is 31. 30 in durham, 33 in clinton, above freezing there. 27 in roxboro. 24 in total and 25 in rocky mount and wilson. by 9:00 or 10:00 we should see temperatures above freezing everywhere and we can't do 47 this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. 32 tonight, not the seabreeze we are seeing this morning, that will help conditions tomorrow morning but that could be slippery places. we warm up nicely into the mid- 50s tuesday, and then expect wednesday morning to be white but it will be a cold rain, not expecting anything frozen. ryan? a: 57. things are looking pretty good on major routes around the
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the morning commute. boulevard. you still need to be careful on bridges and ramps. you can see here this ramp from miami boulevard onto i-40 looks wet but that likely is at least partially frozen and in many areas the ramps are completely frozen. especially where you have trees there that have shaded that ramp preventing the sun from hitting it yesterday and doing some melting. keep that in mind. on the south side of raleigh as we take a look at saunders and wilmington, it looks just fine. mostly dry conditions. secondary roads are in terrible shape especially northern part of wake county on to the north and west. likely there will be some melting today but whatever is still wet as sunshine -- sunset will refreeze tonight and we will have problems in spots for our tuesday morning commute. bill? thanks. tribal residents are dealing with remnants of the first blast of winter weather. today at noon we take a look at efforts to clear roads and restore power. plus the manhunt is underway for escaped prisoners.
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